Friday, 20 July 2007

Club des Femmes's Summertime Special: we are launched

Thank you to everybody who came along to Summer Camp for Girls, our 1st Club des Femmes last month – all 250 of you! It was great to screen such cool films and meet so many interesting people in the audience. Even our party turned into a kind of art action. A big thank you to everybody who supported us: despite the threat of bombs and Wimbledon Ladies Final it was very exciting to feel so much good will.

Right now we're working on a brand new plan and will be back later in the year with another forward-looking event, so please don’t touch that dial. More details soon..

We're also appearing in January at next year's Halloween London Short Film Festival. Halloween give a good name to short film. It's really worth checking out their appearances over the next months at the summer festivals.

In the meantime, if you've stumbled across this site by chance and would like to be a Friend des Femmes and subscribe for free to our monthly newsletter or would simply like to be in touch – please email les femmes and you'll be added to our little black book.

Back soon

Sarah & Selina

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