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Two Lives at Scala Beyond

Hello femmes and friends des femmes

We're very pleased to announce our next exciting film programme – Two Lives. It's our special contribution to this season's wonderful Scala Beyond. Here's the information.

Hope to see you there,

Sarah & Selina


Friday 28 Sept @ The Horse Hospital
7.30pm for 8pm

No Light at the End of the World

Collaboration is central to much feminist art practice and here at Club Des Femmes, we're investigating these working partnerships. How do friends, lovers, family translate intimacy and private dialogue into public art?

For Two Lives we're asking how does collaboration work? How does inspiration work between two people? Who's the muse for who when life and work get mixed up? From Gertrude and Alice to the modern day we're rifling through 100 years of film to see how artists answer these questions. Including work by Bev Zalcock and Sara Chambers, Sarah Pucill and Sandra Lahire, Del LaGrace Volcano, Maria Mohr, Inger Schwarz & Kerstin Schleppegrell and Tove Jansson & Tuulikki Peitila.

Film programme:

Bev Zalcock & Sarah Chambers:
DAYGLO (You Know, You Know) (3 mins)

‘This film is dedicated to the memory of Poly Styrene who died last year. Poly started her musical career in the punk band X Ray Spex and ‘The World Turned Dayglo’ was a big hit. Dedicated to the spirit of disobedience, Poly Styrene's female-centred lyrics have always inspired us and her song ‘Oh Bondage Up Yours’ is a particular favourite of ours. The film combines images of us with an abstract array of vivid colours made using food dye.’ – BZ & SC

Kerstin Schleppegrell & Inger Schwarz:
A parody of the Spaghetti Western shot on super 8.

Sandra Lahire & Sarah Pucill:
CAST (17 mins)


Cast creates a claustrophobic and haunting space where people and things invade worlds in which they do not normally belong. Lifeless dolls are heaped inside drawers, dolled-up life size figures lie motionless on a windy beach at the water’s edge; a chair rocks in an empty room, a mirror reflects and observes, and a chest of drawers is caressed by the sea. The film has a dramatic sensibility that sets up a false promise of narrative. Its structure, instead, is akin to that of dreams where different scenic spaces collapse and the inanimate and animate interchange. Wide-angled perspectives, shifting points of view and juxtapositions of sound and silence force inner and outer realities to collide, creating an unsettling psychic world.

Del LaGrace Volcano & Brixton Brady:

The Passionate Spectator

An elegantly costumed genderqueer apparition traverses a European urban landscape. Inspired by Baudelaire and the late Brixton Brady, this short embodies the magic of the flaneur who sees but does not buy, who is in constant movement across borders which s/he refuses to recognize.

Maria Mohr:

Cousin Cousine

Cousins. Words between chairs. Voice to the piano. Fingertips grope sense. Bridges too high. Personal collage about a hidden and hiding love.
“The film convinces by its rhythmic montage of images and sounds, combining documentary and fiction material in an unusual way. Autobiographic fragments form a poetic picture of a ‘forbidden love’.” – from the jury statement 3sat promotional award, 51st int.ernationalshort film festival Oberhausen, 2005


Tove Jannson & Tuulikki Peitila:

Tove and Tooti in Europe

The creator of the world famous Moomin characters Tove Jansson, and graphic artist Tuulikki Pietilä made numerous voyages through Europe during years 1972–1993. This film is a lyrical and sometimes hilarious film essay on 'old Europe' which takes us to Paris, Venice, London, Madrid and Dublin; Iceland, Ireland and Corsica.

Tove and Tooti in Europe is based on silent Super 8 footage shot by the graphic artist Tuulikki Pietilä and the famous author Tove Jansson. Together they made numerous trips to Europe accompanied by their Konic cine-camera. The 8mm films touchingly portray the artist’s and the writer's humorous and original way of observing people, culture and everyday life. They have immortalized lovers in Paris; cats, dogs and fleamarkets in London, horse races in Ireland; graveyards and breathtaking views of Corsica. The profound and candid commentary is based on an interview with Tuulikki Pietilä and on the short stories of Tove Jansson.

In the meantime you can watch the Scala Beyond trailer here..

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