Monday, 28 December 2009

A Star is Born

Club des Femmes
A Star is Born
In the age of X Factor and Xbox, Club des Femmes celebrates the amateur.
Do you remember a time of singing into your hairbrush and wanting to be a contender? As our contribution to this year's wonderful LSFF, Club des Femmes explores the pure urge to perform.

9 January 2010
ICA 15:30 CINEMA 1
ICA, The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH.
Box Office: 020 7930 3647

Film Programme
Human Radio
Director: Miranda Pennell. UK 2002, 9 mins
People dance in private moments of personal abandon, across London in the summer of 2001.

I Am Crazy And You're Not Wrong
Director: Anne McGuire. USA 1997, 11 mins
Ann McGuire portrays a Kennedy-era singer performing in a space where theatre meets television. McGuire's Garlandesque gestures provide both a sense of tragedy and humour.

The Week Elvis Died
Director: Carol Morley, UK, 1997, 16 mins
England in 1977. Karen aged 10 is bullied at school by Julie and her gang. All she has for comfort are her descant recorder, her pet rabbit Elvis and her adoration of top disc jockey Tony Blackburn.

Drum Room
Director: Miranda Pennell. UK 2007, 15 mins
The empty spaces of an ambiguous building open-up to reveal a group of aspiring musicians as they play together, alone.

Director. Marta Balleto-Coll. Spain. 1992. 7 mins
A cathartic triumph for every little tomboy who’s ever been forced to go shopping for dresses when she’d rather be conducting an imaginary orchestra through the Brandenburg Concerto Number 3 in her attic.

live pop-up performance by Hall of Mirrors' Jessica Spencer

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