Monday, 3 January 2011

Club Des Femmes and Spinster take New Berlin

Club Des Femmes and Spinster take New Berlin
14 January 2011, Rio Cinema, Dalston
Proceedings begin at 23.30

Join us for this exclusive night of music and film dedicated to all spinsters, misfits, malcontents and miss-behaviours. Club Des Femmes and Spinster link arms in the twilight hours to deliver a double drop of nostalgic, wistful folky-pop and feminist filmmaking.

The night kicks off with..
Spinster are Sadie Lee, vocals and electric ukulele; Em Fitzgerald, bass; classically-trained pianist Kathy Gledhill on keyboards and Lea Andrews - former front-woman of indie band Spy 51, on drums and backing vocals.
Legendary blogger Joe Pop describes them as 'like Cockney Rebel and the Shangri-la's shoplifting in Biba then going round to the Velvet Underground's house to raid their parents' drinks cabinet, before beating up the Partridge Family at the school gates'.

Followed by..
Dir. Tatjana Turanskyj, Germany 2010, 97 mins, German with English subtitles
Berlin. The beginning of the 21st century. A woman under the influence. Greta, an outcast architect, drinks and drifts through the so-called New Berlin. Her journey reveals a city of wastelands and brand new town houses.  Torn between the pressure to conform and the spirit of revolution, Greta navigates the modern landscapes of globalized capitalism and post-feminism.

After, join us for a night cap at..
Dalston Superstore
117 Kingsland Road E8 2PB

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This event is hosted by LSFF. Check out their other great programmes too here.

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Thanks I paid £7.50 to sleep in the Rio.